Redmond Roots

About our Founder, Steve Diedrick


Son of the youngest VP of Finance in the history of General Motors, Steve Diedrick got an early start in global business, traveling around the world as his father established and turned around businesses big and small in New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, South Korea, and Mexico in the manufacturing, energy, and financial services sectors. Steve’s Recruiting career and the business success of Redmond Research owe much to the experienced wisdom and continued mentorship of Vern Diedrick, who was just 29 years old when he was promoted to VP of Finance and entrusted with a number of General Motors’ very first forays in global expansion.


  • BS Business Administration, Marketing, and Finance, Pennsylvania State University, 1986
  • Martial Arts, including Tae Kwon Dao, South Korea, 1971-1972, QiGong, Chicago, 1992 to Present


Founder and CEO, Redmond Research (20+ years)

  • Defined a whole new category in the Recruitment Industry focused on developing highly competitive, sustainable core talent pipelines
  • Pioneered the practices of Talent Market Research, Recruitment Market Intelligence gathering, and Recruitment Process Insourcing (RPI)
  • Invented the proprietary Recruitment Principles, Processes and Procedures that have enabled Redmond to deliver thrilling Search results for many of the world’s most well-revered Fortune 500 brands as well as dozens of startups and other ambitious companies over the past 20 years

Sales and marketing with Frito-Lay (a division of PepsiCo) and Memorex Corporation

  • Developed intimate understanding of the Consumer Goods and Hi-Tech business sectors
  • Cultivated the marketing mindset and skills that provide Redmond a distinctive edge in Recruiting

Searching for you

Steve Diedrick is a Talent Warrior of the highest order. If competition is nipping at your heels and you need a Recruitment Strategy you can trust will both provide you a competitive edge and withstand the weathering of uncertain economic times – the answer to Search is Steve Diedrick’s Search, the Redmond Search, an intelligent path to a sustainable, core talent pipeline

In Steve’s own words, “Remember, every war, including the war for talent, is won or lost before it is fought. The original objective of the Martial Arts in China was to develop a practice that would make the region so powerful, none would dare invade. That’s the ultimate Art of War, and the kind of thinking Redmond brings to Search. Anyone can fill seats with impressive bodies for a few days or months or years. Master Recruiters look beyond the immediate answer, to a smooth strategy that renders competition irrelevant.”