Redmond Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Marketing Attracts Top Talent for Executive Roles

Q: What’s the answer to Search when...

  • even a janitorial position today attracts a thousand applications 
  • dozens of employers are aggressively pursuing the same talent, and 
  • in all likelihood, your best candidates aren’t even actively seeking a new opportunity?

A: We may as well ask, how is it that some people can get on a phone, have a conversation, and move mountains, where others struggle to get a point across? The answer is at once as simple and elusive as the oft-repeated adage, “it all comes down to Communication.” In Recruitment as in Life, the Recruiter most adept in Communication Arts has an incredible competitive advantage.

That’s why every Redmond Search includes our special brand of Recruitment Marketing. From reading your target audience, to framing and branding your opportunity, to scripting compelling invitations and conversations, Redmond Recruitment Marketing attracts top talent for executive roles by leveraging every Communication Art to position your offer and brand for success.

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