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Download the most relevant Redmond Review™ from our Catalog of commercially available research below, or order a confidential Redmond Raven™ report to get the custom research you need. Be sure to review the entire Catalog­, you may be able to download the answers to your Search, today!

Not finding what you need in our current Catalog? Then a custom Redmond Raven™ report may be perfect for you. Our team of researchers will work with you to define a research project and report best suited to your current recruitment needs, competitive strategy, and organizational goals.

See the variety of ways Redmond Reports have been used in this Redmond case study—The Case of Three Very Different Requests for Redmond Reports.

The Redmond Review™

Talent Market Research and Insights for Savvy Recruiters

Every issue of the Redmond Review™ documents talent market research that Redmond Recruiters have conducted for specific talent pools, and provides Recruiters and Hiring Managers informed answers to such questions as:

  • What organizations should we target when sourcing this talent?
  • What schools are producing the strongest candidates for this position?
  • What does the diversity of the candidate pool suggest for this Search?
  • Where are candidates concentrated, geographically?


Savvy talent leaders know that the real answer to Search is bigger than the ability to “line up the troops.” To obtain true competitive advantage requires having the best strategy in the industry for putting talent to work.

Redmond Raven Reports are...

A highly unique brand of competitive intelligence designed to illustrate precisely how other organizations in the competitive landscape are structuring their operations for success, so you can design your own to compete. (Available to only one key player in a given industry), they provide informed answers to [but not limited by]:

  1. How is your competition structured by functional area and level of the organization?
  2. What are the sizes of their teams by function and by location?
  3. What are the key positions inside a specific functional area?
  4. What types of roles/responsibilities are unique to your competition for specific functional areas?
  5. What areas is your competition investing in when it comes to their talent base?

And many others...Ask us about other significant custom market research engagements Redmond has performed beyond the talent market place.

Where Redmond Reports work best 

Redmond Reports work best in the hands of leaders who understand that organizations often need to adapt the way they do business in order to fully capitalize on the talent they’ve attracted. If your organization is considering or open to considering restructuring any of its business units or functions, you’ll find Redmond Reports invaluable.

Where things break down

Redmond Reports are by nature an extremely competitive, exclusive, high-value product that we can only offer a single key player in any given industry. They only make sense for the most seriously competitive organizations, hungry for information, fully aware of its value, committed to the long haul, and ready to take action.


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Core Strategic Marketing





617 Individual profiles from the world’s leading management consulting firms were researched for this report. The most common job titles are: Senior Associate, Case Team/Project Leader, Engagement Manager and Associate Principal.


An ideal report for key decision makers seeking to hire or understand core Strategic Marketing thought leadership talent due to company repositioning opportunities, restructuring efforts or aggressive growth plans. This global report is focused on the US, Europe and Asia [China, Singapore, India and Korea are highlighted] and reaches across the consumer goods, high tech, industrial and pharmaceutical markets. This very detailed and comprehensive report will provide great insights into the skill sets most often cited by this up and coming leadership segment renowned for producing tomorrow's leaders.

CTO Cloud Computing

US Nationally




171 individual profiles were researched for this report. The most common job titles are: CTO, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Scientist and VP/Director, Cloud Computing.


Cloud computing is big business! A recent study by Bain & Company predicts “revenue from sales of cloud computing products and services are poised to surge from their current base of approximately $20 billion to nearly $150 billion by 2020.” Are you seeking to understand the key players involved in this space or what institutions are leading the way in Cloud Computing? Do you need to understand the educational profiles [Masters or P.h.D level] of this vital talent pool? These are but a few trends you will learn about in this report. This national report focuses on individuals with an authoritative knowledge base of current/developing IP and Service/Edge router technologies as well as a solid understanding of the networking industry and the evolution of carriers, CDNs and cloud application providers.

VP Tax

US Nationally




388 individual profiles were researched for this report. The most common job titles are: [Sr.] Director, Global/International Tax, [Sr.] Director, Federal Tax, [Sr.] Director, Tax Accounting/Planning, [Sr.] Director, Transfer Pricing, VP, Domestic or Global Tax, VP, Tax [Planning].


This national report focuses on individuals with a knowledge base in APA agreements and transfer pricing issues, optimization of future tax planning activities and tax compliance for fast-moving consumer goods companies [multinationals] – companies with a product that is manufactured. There was an emphasis placed upon companies recognized for their tax leadership talent knowledge base and also concentrated on talent from leading Finance institutions.

Technology Communications Director

US Nationally




151 individual profiles were researched for this report. The most common job titles are: Director, Consumer Communications, Director, Corporate Communications, Director, Public Relations, [Sr.] Public Relations Manager, [Sr.] Communications Manager.


Consumer Electronics [CE] is the worlds’ fiercest competitive market place driven by ever changing customer needs that are at the core to the daily introduction of new products and services. For the worlds’ leading Consumer Electronics companies, it’s all about positioning your product in the best light to gain mind share. This report provides insights into the skill sets required for the newly evolving role of the technology savvy Public Relations professional who must interact with external product reviewers at technology-minded business media companies: Consumer Reports, CNET, In Gadget, Gadget Guru to name a few. It will also answer what companies appear to be leading the way in this evolving trend.