Redmond Recruiters

International Executive Recruiting for Start-ups & Fortune 500

The thing to know about Redmond Recruiters is this: they are specially trained in highly exclusive, proprietary research recruiting methodologies that are unabashedly strategic and competitive, and they come fully armed with the sort of current talent market intelligence you can only find in our Redmond Reports. They've mastered international executive recruiting for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. The most important subject matter expertise they bring to Search is the art of war in Recruiting.

Of course, over the years, Redmond Recruiters have also obtained highly specific subject matter expertise filling strategic leadership roles in each of the industries they’ve served, all around the world, from Manufacturing in China to High-Tech Silicon Valley startups, Global Health and Pharma, and everything in between. But let us be clear, this sort of subject matter expertise helps recruiters search databases for names, read resumes, and conduct the most rudimentary level of candidate screening. It’s not enough to take the game of Recruiting from glorified gopher to winning strategy.

That’s why we’re happy to assure you that Redmond Recruiters are not tied to a database or industry, and won’t limit your Search for talent to such narrow and stale a box. If you’re serious about obtaining competitive advantage—forget yesterday’s answer to Search—you’ll need a much broader set of proven strategies and tactics to bring your Search to life.