Redmond zero waste recruitment

Recruiting Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, Business Process Improvement

Working for an organization committed to continuous performance improvement, ala Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, or Total Quality Management? Super! Then your executive team will be thrilled to hear how Redmond can help you bring similar thinking, savings, innovation and business process improvement to your Recruitment Process.

Redmond Recruiting services are specifically designed to help you achieve Zero Waste in Recruitment. The Redmond Search is a wholly unique, proprietary search process that adds value while eliminating much of the busy-work and inefficiencies of the traditional Executive Search.

The Recruitment Process is ripe for innovation and optimization! For example, just as there are Sales people who “dink around” making lists versus those who pick up the phone and make the calls, there are Recruiters who are puttering around pulling old names out of databases versus those who are out there turning over new stones, leveraging market research to discover new sources of talent, and having new conversations of the sort that move mountains.

Zero Waste Recruiting is here, now, and only at Redmond. For a taste of what it’s like, browse our downloadable Redmond Reports, try our Cost Savings Calculator, and consider Recruitment Process Insourcing (RPI).