Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Steve Diedrick Bio

Steve is a highly respected authority and pioneer in the business of recruitment research [search]. His evolutionary ideas on perfecting search practice make him an indispensable and valuable resource to executive talent leaders and drivers worldwide – those responsible for overseeing the identification of high potential human capital – high performing individual contributors, mid management and executive talent. His impressive list of clientele includes many substantial and highly recognized “market leaders” [Fortune 500 and start-ups] within the Hi-Tech, Consumer Goods and Consulting market places. Steve is most recognized for his keen ability to sense “intuit” the nuances of an engagement and from that point of reference, tap into “talent” that often far exceeds client expectations.

Steve’s keen abilities were developed from an early age through his direct experience of living abroad internationally in New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, South Korea, Mexico and throughout North America. Each country’s unique culture brought a new level of understanding that significantly shaped his developing perspective on what it meant to be a “global community”. Little did he know that this in-depth insight would find its application in the search field. Steve is able to draw upon and apply this significant knowledge to the unique requirements of each and every search, where “global understanding” is no longer just a plus, but a requirement for success.

Steve’s “thinking” has also been profoundly influenced by his involvement in the martial arts and the like. His initiation into the Martial Arts occurred in South Korea where he practiced Tae Kwon Dao. In 1992, Steve was introduced to the Martial Art form of QiGong and has trained - one on one - under two QiGong Masters. While there is much conversation on what QiGong is and is not, most would agree that it is the study of energy or consciousness. In its ultimate form, it is a willingness to open to one’s greatest source of connection – the Tao. Through his dedication and discipline to his practice, Steve has evolved as an Advanced QiGong Practitioner and was the first American student out of 4,000 U.S. Students to be taught Advanced QiGong by his Teacher.


Steve is also a certified practitioner of Zen Body Therapy, taught by William “Dub” Leigh, the creator of this transforming bodywork. Dub’s work merged the work of Ida Rolf [Rolfing®], Moshe Feldenkrais and Tanouye Tenshin Rotaishi, a Zen Master, martial artist and healer adept at the use of ki (vital energy). His work contains aspects of the deep tissue work of Rolf, the neuro-muscular re-education of Feldenkrais and the ki training of Tanouye Rotaishi – the combination ultimately resulted in the evolution of Zentherapy®. The core of Zen Body Therapy work is to free your mind/body of adverse conditioning affecting your well-being, and thereby expand your ability to relate to your everyday world and problems from a new, more aware state that transcends old patterns of being.

Steve graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1986 with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Marketing and Finance. Before founding Redmond Research, Steve led a distinguished career in sales and marketing with Frito-Lay (a division of PepsiCo) and Memorex Corporation.