Purpose and Introduction


The intention of this blog is to be a form of communication to advance the framework and ideology that it takes to capture the essence of the consummate search and ultimate hire. This blog is directed toward professionals who impact and/or drive talent acquisition choices (staffing/hiring managers/executive leaders), and those individuals within the corporate structure who desire to work from the position of "best path practices" to search for high potential human capital, and are impatient with the current status quo.

The Introduction

In the 18 years that I have been in the business of search, I have continuously fought with the challenge of bringing forth the knowledge necessary to make the "perfect search" a consistent business model. Each year created a milestone to reflect upon as I continuously formulated an outline, if you will, of the attributes and understandings necessary to formulate the consummate search and ultimate hire. With the self-drive to move through the frustration and confusion that comes from this industry, you need to understand that frustration and confusion are aspects of this business — above and by far, perhaps two of the most constant. In here lies the essence of the perfect search. Here also is what we can refer to as the abyss. As we look into the face of our own frustration and confusion we have the opportunity to find our own true character, and in so doing, that knowledge keeps us out of the abyss. Applying that to our frustration and confusion factors within our chosen profession of search, we must learn to breathe through our frustrations and confusion in order to find our truth in our objectives — what we are seeking in a candidate, what we are needing from that candidate, and also, what we need to do ourselves in order to bring that information forward to capture the essence of each individual hiring project.

Many people burn out in this profession after a few years. I have moved through those milestones as well. In so doing, I have become a known force within the industry of search. I have had a part in the making of history in the search industry. My hope is to share the wisdom and knowledge gained through my experiences. I searched for a form that this sharing would take. As I moved through the frustration and confusion of this very attempt, I came upon the answer. I could try to give you a “how to” manual, but the search process isn’t ultimately about “how to”. I could use this blog to motivate you in a way that you would feel the fear of moving forward to meet your “goals” and to jump off the cliff (so to speak), but that wouldn’t really apply here, because just mindlessly jumping and trusting isn’t really a sound business model to design for you here. Rather, I chose to help you understand what it takes in order for you to learn to fly. In that learning, you can come into understanding what it takes to bring about a higher level of success in your efforts to move through the frustrations and confusion that each search project brings your way. That is how I can be of greater help to those in the industry trying to find their way of increasing their own sense of relativity within the business.

So with that you will be learning new concepts, mind sets and ways of thinking that will help you — but also challenge you, to move beyond the existing limitations that fuel inefficiency, that make more difficulties rather than eliminate them. In essence, experiencing a higher form of “being” within the constructs of the consummate search itself. I will share concepts like: wavelength thinking (WLT)integrative searchreconceptualizationcompetence vs incompetencecommon sensetriad of powerbaseline thinking, and my favorite — delegating up.