Thriving in the IoT Revolution Using Renegade Talent

The rapid rise of the Internet of Things has linked seemingly disparate industries in unexpected ways. Key technologies such as wireless chips, sensors, mobile applications and device management software have become essential to healthcare, consumer electronics and automobiles. Functional expertise—like these technologies—is no longer constrained by the boundaries of industry, and leading global organizations have embraced this cross-functional era by employing innovators with diverse backgrounds.

Uncovering renegade talent—often in unexpected places—is the key to success in the IoT age. With an entrepreneurial spirit and analytical mindset, these trailblazing experts possess skills critical to a multitude of organizations regardless of their background in a particular field.

Redmond Research has extensive experience recruiting across all levels of functional expertise, with a proven track record of identifying renegade talent. Our innovative approach to high-potential talent acquisition allows organizations to seize the future with confidence in their business goals.

From Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley, North America to the Pacific Islands, we’re uncovering radical talent in a wide range of specialties:

MarketingProduct InnovationInformation SecurityCorporate DevelopmentStrategic Supply Chain and more…


Function Specializations Levels Expertise


Strategic Marketing
Product Management
Digital Marketing 
Market Research

Senior Manager to Chief Marketing Officer

- Brand stewardship

- Consumer insights

- Industry trends

- Value proposition creation

- Integrated marketing

- CRM and social marketing

- Marketing automation

- Customer journey mapping

- Content curation

- Product roadmaps and product launch

Product Innovation

Research and Development, Product Ideation, Technology Scout Architect/Distinguished Member of Staff/Fellow to Chief Technology Officer

- Systems design

- Systems development

- Mobile computing

- Data analytics

- Next-gen networking

- Machine learning

- Artificial intelligence

- Virtual reality

- Rapid prototyping

- 3D printing

Information Security

Application Security, Encryption, Big Data, Internet of Things, Data Protection, Cloud Security Security Architect to Chief Security Officer

- Web application security

- Mobile application security

- Intrusion prevention and detection

- Database security

- Information management

- Disaster recovery planning

- Digital rights management and biometrics

Corporate Development

Technology Acquisition, Strategic Alliance,
Mergers & Acquisitions
M&A Pipeline Leader to Chief Growth Officer

- Deal structuring and negotiations

- Ideation

- Innovation and growth strategy

- Technology commercialization

- Due diligence / valuation models

- Mergers and acquisitions

- Post merger integration

- Recapitalization

- Confidential non-disclosure agreements

Strategic Supply Chain

Customer Demand Shaping, Strategic Procurement Sourcing Strategic Supply Chain Command to VP, Supply Chain

- End-to-end supply chain strategy


- Accuracy and planning forecasting

- Demand-driven value network

- Capacity planning

- Lean manufacturing

- Supplier quality engineering

- Demand shaping

- Supply chain design

- Supplier relationship management


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