Redmond Search

Redmond Research recruits high-potential (HIPO) candidates for mission critical positions across the globe. With 25 years of proven success in the Marketing, Product Innovation, Information Security, Corporate Development and Strategic Supply Chain Management sectors, Redmond has pioneered the process of identifying those key individuals with the necessary cross-functional perspectives to deliver on complex, multi-layered projects.

Our unique research and engagement process spans four phases and delivers a wealth of actionable findings.

The Redmond Research Process

From kickoff through candidate employment, Redmond tailors each search to your company’s specific strategic goals and needs.

Phase 1: Prepare

The preparation phase begins with our Kickoff Workbook. This tool affords us an inside look at your organization’s strategic vision and talent needs. We use this opportunity to absorb how the target position fits into your organization as a whole, and how you see this position moving the company toward its objectives.

Phase 2: Pre-Qualify

From these insights we create the Redmond Roadmap™--a research plan that includes an ideal candidate profile, compensation range and the identification of potential obstacles that may arise during sourcing.

In addition, during this phase we compile a Redmond Review™--a thorough analysis of industry trends and cultural characteristics from a global perspective. These findings inform any adjustments to be made to the ideal candidate profile and positioning of the job function.

Phase 3: Engage

During the engagement phase the insights are applied to actively pursuing candidates in the passive talent pool. These HIPO candidates are not currently seeking employment, so our recruitment efforts include digital marketing initiatives and market branding to attract candidates to the position.

For each qualified candidate, we assemble a Redmond Read™report detailing each individual’s history and our assessment of their capacity for thought leadership. Our Redmond Reads™ are the most detailed and strategic candidate profiles in the business because we structure our interviews to reveal who a candidate really is, regardless of cultural background or nationality. We call this the candidate brand – and we discover it through our proven, flexible process that creates a conversational flow where a candidate’s true self can be captured.

By tailoring each candidate engagement to what makes each candidate unique, we can ensure that what you see in the Redmond Read™ really is what you get.

Phase 4: Employ & Follow Up

From the Redmond Read™ reports, we provide the best practices for you to go about hiring your candidate of choice. During this transition phase, you will be provided our suggestions for closing the deal with your preferred candidate while maintaining complete autonomous control of salary and benefits negotiations.

Our Process Guarantees Success

We’re extremely successful at placing new talent because we work with you to build a recruiting strategy that’s completely unique to your company’s needs and strategic goals. The answers to your company’s problems are found not in the past, but in the present and future. The ability to effectively evaluate and judge this potential is where Redmond excels.

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