An Innovative Pricing Structure That Drives Value

Redmond works with Renegades – individuals capable of anticipating and formulating the future of business. In so doing we’ve become a company of renegades ourselves. This commitment to innovation runs throughout the business and sits at the core of who we are. And it’s why we’re completely disrupting the way companies work with recruiters.

The TRUE cost of recruiting is not the price you pay, but the value lost by taking the wrong candidate. 

This insight into the business value of recruiting has inspired us to build a completely new model rooted in value. We understand that when it comes to recruiting, you simply do not have the time to not get it right – now. 

In today’s highly-disruptive environment, companies that don’t seize competitive advantages and technological leapfrog opportunities risk destroying confidence among their shareholders and board of directors. 

Our Value-Based Pricing

Every Redmond engagement begins with an in-depth analysis of your unique business needs. We target Renegades for high-level strategic positions, so we’re always careful to identify not only the title and responsibilities of the future hire, but also the true value-add that this individual will represent to your organization. This custom process leads to a single price quote based on the true value of the position, and not a starting salary or other surface-level metric. 

Benefits of our Pricing Model: 

  • Project lifetime pricing: Budgeting for your talent search is simple because we quote you a single price for the entire project.
  • Based in position value, not starting salary: We have no incentive to artificially inflate starting salaries because we do not receive a percentage. 
  • Avoids costly mistakes for bad hires: Our price is not contingent on a successful hire, so we’ll never shoehorn an unsuitable candidate through the process just to get a paycheck, while costing your company big bucks in the long run.  


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