Redmond Renegades

Redmond specializes in tracking down and attracting true Renegades from around the world to your company. We’re able to reach them because we’re Renegades ourselves. These are the leaders that operate on a higher plane, able to see above and beyond the status quo to not only where the business is going, but where it can go.

The Renegade Mindset

Hard skills are one thing, but 21st century business runs on elevated mindsets, not skill sets. The rapid pace of business in this age makes individuals with higher-order conceptual skills invaluable. True Renegades have the innate ability to perceive not just what’s in front of them, but the conditions and root causes that allow for these things to be possible. Renegades are attuned to the ways in which companies can get ahead of the market to anticipate and define the future and help capture its Disruptive Market Potential.

Redmond Renegades...

  • push the boundaries of conventional wisdom
  • embody the yin and yang of market chaos and business function
  • listen intently and instinctively convert what they hear into business intelligence
  • operate from a place of informed sense of urgency
  • explore the unanswered questions
  • connect all business decisions to higher-level value

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