Business has Evolved. So Why Hasn't Recruiting?

Talent search--as practiced by most recruitment companies--is mired in the Industrial Age. It’s far too reliant on resumes and their focus on employment history. The result? Unsuccessful candidates acquired through an ineffective process.

What's wrong with search these days

  • Overemphasis on employment history: Looking at a resume shows you what someone has done, but offers little insight into what they can do.
  • Values tangible skills over intangible potential: The right person can be taught any skill set; a candidate’s mindset is much more indicative of future success.
  • Limited talent pool: The best candidates today are “off the market,” currently adding value to the companies they work for rather than looking for another position.
  • Industry blindness: The cross-disciplinary nature of today’s business demands an understanding of multiple industries, but current search favors recruiting from within industry silos.
  • Ignores unique company culture: A one-size-fits-all approach fails to analyze candidates for culture fit or potential contribution to the long-term goals of the company.
  • Shortsighted: The focus on filling openings as they arise leads to high turnover and low rate of advancement.

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