Redmond Customers

For 25 years, Redmond has specialized in unearthing exceptional, meta-functional talent from North America to Europe, Asia and beyond. We refer to our recruits as renegades because they drive the disruption that’s essential to business innovation in the era of the Internet of Things. Our reputation for discovering these unparalleled individuals has made us an essential staffing resource for start-up and early stealth mode organizations as well as the most well-known brands in the world.

Finding the Renegades the Fortune 50 Rely On

Redmond’s customers are some of the most recognized and awarded in the world. Nine of the world’s most valuable brands depend on Redmond Research, while others have received numerous accolades including:

  • Top 10 Company to Watch
  • Fastest Growing U.S. Technology Companies
  • Visionary Software
  • Most Innovative Company
  • Software Elite
  • America's Fastest Growing Privately Held Company


Specializing in Trailblazing Businesses Well-Versed in IoT

Our clients aren’t just aware of the IoT age, many of them developed the core technology infrastructure that enabled device connectivity. We have consistently represented early-stage technology pioneers that architect tomorrow’s everyday solutions.

During the last quarter century we’ve helped companies that solved internet congestion, introduced Storage Network Virtualization, developed Content Centric Networking and led to the evolution of mobile computing. Our impact has even been felt in video conferencing, alternative fuels, speech recognition and manned space flight.

Emphasizing a Talent-First Focus

Our experience has proven that high-potential talent will succeed regardless of their background: a resume is merely the past, but potential points toward the future. Successful Redmond clients focus on hiring the best minds, developing their potential and rewarding their contributions.

Who We Work With

Do any of these sound like you? Then let’s get to work.

  • Transformative leader - You’re prepared to do things differently and propose unique solutions.
  • Trusted adviser - With your high level of business acumen you recognize the financial impact of hiring and retaining renegade talent.
  • Non-traditionalist - You’re prepared to take a holistic approach to talent screening and understand the diverse variables that contribute to a potential hire’s success.
  • Flexible problem solver - You’re adept at working in often ambiguous high-growth environments.