The Redmond Story - Rooted in Global Connection-Making

“You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it.”  
- Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut

Many astronauts, upon seeing the earth from space, report experiencing a profound cognitive shift. Known as the “overview effect,” this completely new way of thinking comes from an instant appreciation of the inherent interconnectedness of the entire globe.

At Redmond, we place this way of thinking at our core, thanks to the vision of our founder, Steve Diedrick. Raised as a citizen of the world, Steve spent his formative years living and moving between the four corners of the world — North and South, East and West from New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, South Korea, Mexico and the United States. This understanding of global connectivity has led to the creation of a recruiting firm with a truly international soul.


Built on a History of Innovation

Since 1991, Redmond has redefined what a successful recruiting service looks like. In the process, the entire business ecosystem has evolved far beyond anyone’s expectations.

As technology flourished in new disruptive ways, Redmond was there, responding to and capitalizing on these developments. From developing fuzzy logic databases in the early 1990s, to current forays in emerging IoT sectors, Redmond has always been unique in their application of market research principles to solving recruiting problems.

A Thinking Company Based on Thoughtful Analysis

The new knowledge-based economy is rewriting the rules of engagement for business leaders. Driven by the proliferation of the internet and connected devices, the most successful companies are more and more different than the leading firms of yesterday.

Redmond’s global heart and history of innovation uniquely position it to truly revolutionize the recruiting model. Taking insights from marketing research, we have sought not just to fill positions, but create talent pipelines for our clients.

Diving deep into the marketplace of high-potential talent across the full spectrum of industries allows Redmond to discover opportunities for its clients like no other recruitment agency in operation today. Think of it as recruitment process insourcing – a process that flows as naturally from your company as your culture.