Insights that embolden leaders to move from the unknown to the known

Our Redmond Reports™ are where we interpret and translate conceptual ideas into game-changing human capital results. As we move further into the Connected Age, we’re gaining more and more access to data that we can use to shape our businesses and our worlds.

Data is unrealized potential

Data by itself is of little use without the thoughtful analysis to turn it into knowledge. As experts in dealing with high-potential talent, we’re able to apply our insights in recognizing potential to data analysis for our clients. The result of that analysis is our Redmond Reports™ - which can be used to:

• Build a pipeline of future leadership talent
• Identify the language of emerging roles
• Reposition the company for greater strategic advantage
• Deploy the most effective leadership development program
• Determine the viability of qualified talent for a critical role. What does the real time market place look like?

But the data can’t do these things on its own – it’s the analysis found in the Redmond Reports™ that gives individual data sets their power.


The Two Types of Redmond Reports™

The Redmond Review™
Generally bundled as part of the search process, the Redmond Review™ provides a detailed and clear perspective on the current talent landscape for organizations looking to outperform the competition through strategic hiring.

The Redmond Reveal™

A custom report designed to answer your most challenging talent questions, the Redmond Reveal™ starts from the most critical question on the minds of your executive team and ends in a thoroughly researched report.


Who can benefit from the Reports

Redmond Reports™ were built for the renegades inside your organization – those seeking actionable insights to help them map out their strategic vision. These individuals are involved in navigating, architecting, designing, forecasting, innovating, agitating, disrupting and envisioning. These business leaders in talent strategy, strategic marketing, corporate development and product innovation already have the vision; they just need the business knowledge to turn it into a reality.

Success with Redmond Reports™

As more and more clients begin to see the business value of these reports, they have applied the insights therein in ever more innovative and disruptive ways. Examples include:

• Report on the talent ecosystems of relevant R&D clusters used to  direct a multi-billion dollar R&D investment strategy

• Report on critical demographics and insights into ‘core motivators’ of  high-potential talent informs a company’s future marketing leadership development

• Report on emerging technology fields with associated key competitor  investment trends to direct an acquisition vs. development analysis

• Report benchmarking current executive leadership against  competitors


Search and real-time market intelligence continue to converge

Ultimately, the story of the Redmond Reports™ is the story of the convergence of search and real-time market intelligence. At Redmond Research, we believe the success and quality of a search is dependent on the quality of market intelligence at our disposal. It’s a natural progression for Redmond to share the market intelligence we have accumulated over more than 25 years of talent searches in the form of these reports. This is the application of knowledge. These are Redmond Reports™.


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