Although Kevin Ashton coined the phrase in 1999, the roots of the Internet of Things reach as far back as Michael Faraday and the discovery of semiconduction. The proliferation of semiconductors allowed us to make our first advances in computing. Modern computers gave birth to a new age of networking and human connection. Now we have reached the dawn of connectivity between all things man and machine.

Redmond Research has been at the forefront of these innovations, guiding some of the most recognized brands around the world through the technological evolution of the Internet of Things. As the future of IoT continues to evolve, Redmond is ready with talent that will drive success in the new global economy.

The Core Infrastructure for Innovation

Innovation in the IoT environment is built on a core infrastructure of key technologies that make global interconnectivity possible.

Guiding Staffing Solutions for Global Disruptors

For 25 years our role as staffing sage has been critical to bleeding-edge technology companies, allowing them to find the burgeoning, high-potential talent immersed in the IoT core infrastructure that will keep businesses at the vanguard of their industry.

Redmond’s clients consist of global leaders and disruptors in:

Mobile Computing
Data Analytics
Next-Gen Networking
Advanced Materials
3D Printing
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Self-Driving Cars
Virtual/Augmented Reality
Smart Homes
Building Automation
Industrial Internet
Connected Cities
Digital Health

As we advance through our brave new virtual world, Redmond continues to develop unprecedented solutions for sector leaders.


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