Redmond Research Celebrates 20 years with a newly designed website, retained search, and the Redmond Review

Green Bay, WI: November 15, 2011

In celebration of the firm’s 20th anniversary in the executive search business, Redmond Research is proud to announce the launching of a newly designed website and an exciting line of innovative recruiting products and services, including interactive online decision-making tools for hiring managers and their teams, a highly optimized extension of its retained search offering, and publication of the company’s talent market research in “off-the-shelf” Redmond Reports.

“Our clients’ recruiting needs have changed dramatically since we founded the company back in 1991,” reports company founder Steve Diedrick, recalling that Redmond predates (founded in 1994), CareerBuilder (named in 1998), LinkedIn (founded in 2003), modern-day Candidate and Resume Tracking systems, and even the now ubiquitous focus of recruiting lingo on “talent pipelines” and “talent management.”  

“What has made Redmond special from the start,” Diedrick explains, “is the manner in which we pioneered the use of competitive intelligence and talent market research to inform our executive recruiting activities and produce more speedy, cost-effective, and successful search outcomes for our clients.”

Just imagine the breadth and depth of market data a professional recruiting firm with a penchant for research has at its fingertips after 20 years of helping the world’s most innovative and impactful organizations recruit executive talent leaders. That’s what Redmond Research’s own chief executive considered this Spring as he reflected on how far his international, executive recruiting firm and its clients have come over the past two decades.

“What we didn’t realize,” Diedrick admits, “is what a gold mine of data and insight we’d been keeping under wraps. In effect, Redmond Research has been evolving into the Gartner, Forrester, or IDC of the talent recruitment industry.”

That discovery led Diedrick and his team to reinvent the business and design a whole new line of offerings of value for recruiters, recruiting organizations, and anyone interested in talent and job market dynamics. In addition to the tried and true Redmond Research “lite” search they have come to trust, Redmond clients may now enjoy:

  1. 24/7 online access to engaging, interactive tools hiring managers and teams can use to facilitate discussions and evaluate options, including Where do you sit on the Recruitment Spectrum™?, What is your target return on Search?, and a Cost Savings Calculator for recruiters. 

  2. A Redmond Retained search for organizations that need more support from research to hire than the quick and light Redmond Research typically affords.

  3. Published Redmond Reports, including low-cost, downloadable, “off the shelf” issues of the Redmond Review, which summarize talent market intelligence relevant to particular job titles, roles, functions, and target organizations.

  4. An emerging line of consulting products to support talent pipeline development, including Redmond Recruitment Process Insourcing and Redmond Recruitment Marketing.

“In short,” Redmond’s founder beams, “we would like to thank all the hiring managers and recruiting organizations who have enlisted Redmond’s counsel over the years, by continuing to pioneer the approaches they need to win the war for talent in the years to come.”

About Redmond Research

Redmond Research is the world’s leading publisher of talent market research for executive recruiters charged with recruiting innovation and competitive advantage into their organizations. Home of the Redmond Review—the recruiting industry’s first publication dedicated to summarizing talent market research and insights relevant to specific job roles and functions—Redmond offers an array of international executive recruiting services including “off-the-shelf” and custom research, competitive intelligence, retained search, and recruitment process insourcing. Redmond Research was founded in 1991 and specializes in helping organizations develop sustainable talent pipelines for their most mission-critical leadership positions.